Cancer Support Program

Cost: $165.00 (Includes all supplements and full program as detailed below)

More information coming soon! Please check back or email us for details!

Red Earth Natural Health currently has three specialty programs available.  Please see below for additional specific details on our fantastic programs! We expect to add to these programs in the future. To order our one of our programs, please contact us via phone at 405.982.0555 or via email at Additionally, please note that the cancer support program is an individually tailored program.


Specialty Programs

Pre-Conception and Fertility Support Program

Red earth natural health

Dr. Andrea Pryce

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

More information coming soon! Please check back or email us for details!

Detoxification as a means of healing the body is not a new concept; it is an ancient principle that is still an integral part of many of the world’s medical systems.  This long served, yet often overlooked modality, is increasingly important in today’s world because in addition to the numerous health afflictions that are traditionally experienced by humans, we are also exposed to more toxic environmental compounds now than at any other time in human history. 

From the food we eat, to the air we breathe, to the common household items we use every day, we are under constant assault from the toxins in our environment.  “Dis-ease” from toxicity is the result of the bioaccumulation of toxins and toxic byproducts in the body.  This bioaccumulation of toxic substances means that our cells and tissues are surrounded by and soaking in a toxic soup, a mélange of chemicals, toxins, and metabolic byproducts that cause cellular damage and functional impairment as well as contribute to significant delays to the natural healing process.

The Red Earth Natural Health general detoxification program is a 2-week program that consists of detox support nutrients/homeopathics, nutritional cleansing, hydrotherapy, and other detoxification promoting techniques. As part of your program enrollment, you will receive in your kit:

  • Your own copy of the Red Earth Natural Health Detox Guide. This manual contains all the information you will need to complete the cleanse including the blueprint for the various cleanse phases as well as recipes, home hydrotherapy instructions, castor oil pack instructions, etc. 
  • ​Genestra Biotherapeutic Drainage Liver and Kidney plus Adrenal (supplement)
  • Pure Encapsulations Lipotropic Detox (supplement)
  • ​Castor Oil Pack Kit
  • Lymphatic Brush