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Is There a Discount for Family Members?

Since Oklahoma does not offer licensure to, nor recognize naturopathic physicians as medical providers at this time, most insurance providers do not cover naturopathic wellness services or supplements. Red Earth Natural Health does not bill insurance nor do we deal directly with insurance companies. However, some laboratory fees may be successfully submitted for reimbursement. Payment is expected at the time of service with check, cash or credit card. 

Andrea Pryce, ND is not a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy. Andrea Pryce, ND does not hold a license to practice medicine in the State of Oklahoma because the State of Oklahoma does not license naturopathic doctors at this time. Dr. Pryce holds a current and valid license to practice medicine from the State of Montana. All information presented on is written from a naturopathic perspective. Any information contained on or any consultation performed through Red Earth Natural Health in the State of Oklahoma are not intended as medical treatments or medical advice. 

​*Disclaimer does not apply to patients seen in Montana where Dr. Pryce holds a current and valid license to practice medicine.

Office Visits**


Dr. Andrea Pryce

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Can I Use My Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or My Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Specialty Programs

These special savings accounts can often be used to cover our services and specific nutritional supplements.  Please check with your plan administrator regarding your coverage.  We will be happy to provide you with the necessary documentation to assist with your use of these plans.  Payment is expected at time of service, however you may be able to file for reimbursement, but check with your plan administrator.

Yes, we offer a family wellness plan. As part of the family wellness plan, Red Earth Natural Health offers a $50.00 discount on the initial visit consultation fee for each additional immediate family member. 

Does Red Earth Natural Health Accept Health Insurance?

​​​​​Initial Consult (75-90 min): $200.00 (adult) / $175 (age 12 and under)

  • This includes an in-depth discussion of your health history and thorough review of any medical records or labs you may have had done elsewhere. At the conclusion of the visit,  you will receive a custom-made health restoration plan designed just for you. Recommended plans may include a combination of diet/lifestyle changes, physician-grade nutritional supplements, homeopathy, botanical medicine or physical medicine. Additional laboratory testing may be necessary to help target your unique path towards wellness. 

Follow Up Visits (Time Varies)

  • Adequate follow up care is necessary to ensure continued progress toward health restoration and maintenance of optimal wellness. Follow up visits are typically 30 minutes long unless there are extensive new symptoms, laboratory studies to review, or if it has been longer than 6 months since your last visit.

15 Minute Follow Up: $37.50

30 Minute Follow Up: $75.00

45 Minute Follow Up: $112.50

60 Minute Follow Up: $150.00

Under the Weather Visit (30 minutes): $75.00

  • These are designed to help you recover quickly from an acute illness such as a cold, the flu, an insect bite etc.).

** Short on time? Not local? Can't make it into the office? Red Earth Natural Health also offers Phone, Skype, or Facetime consults available at the same rates.

Red Earth Natural Health has two specialty programs available. These programs are either general wellness programs that can serve to benefit most people or they are targeted to individuals with a specific condition. Currently, we offer a general detoxification program and a targeted cancer support program. We plan to add more programs in the future. You need not be a regular client of Red Earth Natural Health to participate. Please see the drop down menu link under "Services" for more information on the specific programs available.